Sunday, June 19, 2022

Relationships Are Interesting

I have found that relationships are 
hard to  keep  going  for a long period 
of time. At some point they end though 
hopefully  on good terms.

I found it happening  right in my own
family. I was surprised  yesterday  hearing
about it. Was so sad to hear the news.
I don't  want to get into  the details though
I have not a lot of details  anyway. 

Even  the best relationships  have trouble 
at one point or another.  How things go
is whether  can make it through the storm.
If you have been  together  for  a while  
staying  together  is a good thing. Time
means you love and care for one another
Even if feelings seem to change. The fact
is relationships should not be dependent 
totally  on feelings. It is only part of the story. 

Relationships  being together  doesn't  just
effect  the two people it effects the family 
that is included.  Long time  means the
relationship is important. Stay together 
even though  times are tough.  

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