Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Wisdom From Above

We all know people that are
smart and  wise. Families 
usually  run when it comes
to being intellectual. 

In the spiritual  gifts there 
is wisdom to.  Not often done
or goes unnoticed  anyway. 

In the old Testament  King
Solomon  ask and received 
wisdom. Likely  the  wisest 
person ever to live. There is 
one story where two women 
said the baby was there. One 
was lying of course.  Solomon 
in his wisdom  said to  cut the 
baby in half. The actual  mother 
said no while the lying  woman 
said yes. Solomon knew the 
woman saying  no was the mother.

We all make wise decisions  everyday.
In the natural world  this happens 
but in the spiritual  world as well.
Again we may not know the difference 
very often. 

The spiritual gift of wisdom  comes into
the natural  world to give words that  
the natural  mind can not  understand.  
Decisions  made are ones that could  
never take place with the natural  mind 
no matter how wise we may be. 

We should seek the wisdom from above
to receive answers that could change 
the path people go. Amen!

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