Saturday, July 30, 2022

A Very Hot Day

Friday was probably the hottest day of the
year so far. It was expected to hit one hundred
degrees. I am not sure it actually did but came
close otherwise.

I spent most of my day indoors though early
on I did go out for a walk. I went on one of
my favorite trails where there is shade as 

I spent a few hours helping a young woman
from church who is in the process of moving.
As of yet she isn't sure where too.

She asked around including a few churches
in the area.  My thought when she told me
since our church among others in the area
say they are a New Testament church helping
someone to have a place is a good idea. 

In the book of Acts the believers helped out
by selling their goods including homes. The
cost of homes and rent these days mean people
need to assist one another.

The weather is expected to continue to be 
hot here through Sunday then down to the
70s next week which sounds really good to 
me.  Blessings to all. 

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