Friday, November 15, 2013

First look at Sports

I decided to write my first look at sports. When I first wrote this I found that  I wasn’t  putting my heart into it like I was the other writings. Likely it would be good but not as heart felt so I decided to start over again. Amazing thing about November is that all the major sports have something going on or in the case of baseball the season ended.  In baseball they crowned a new champion in the Boston Red Sox by winning the World Series over the St.Louis Cardinals. Now in baseball they have for the off-season is called Hot Stove League to keep at least diehard fans interested.  The teams start looking to making trades, and signing free agents. Of course, there are teams like the Seattle Mariners have to find a new manager which they already have done. The new manager let the fans know things will be different from what happened under the old manager. However, the fans are upset with upper manager, and really don’t see anything change without change at the top. In college football the season is coming near a close except to find out who the national champion will be, along with what bowl game their favorite team will go to.  In the NFL there are six games remaining for most teams, so the fans are looking at where their team will finish in the standings. The Seattle Seahawks right now 9-1, so their fans are looking to whom they may face in the Super Bowl. The fans of the Seahawks for the most part would consider it a very disappointing season if the Seahawks don’t make the Super Bowl.  The other two sports basketball, and hockey seasons just begin so most fans are optimistic. I am not really sure if I am more heartfelt now than earlier, however, I am looking forward what will happen in the next four to six months. Also, the Winter Olympics in Russia begin in January so we having something else to look forward to if we are not into the other sports.

I like the fact that I am being honest with my readers. I look forward to my next writing which will be a trip my family took across Canada when I was 12 years old.  Enjoy  the rest of your day, and a great weekend.

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