Thursday, November 14, 2013

my bro

On June 7, 2002 I found out my older brother Dick had died on this date. It was quite a shock for the whole family since he was only 37 years of age.  A few days later the autopsy was that he died of natural a cause which to this day is still strange for someone his age. I have been thinking what I should write about him, and realized I could write a whole book.  I figured in this post I will write start with who he was, and will add additional posts along the way.

Dick Nightingale was the smartest person I have ever known. Although I know a lot of other smart people I can say it isn’t even close. However, there was more to him than how smart he was.  Like most people in his category, he was awkward in regards to social gatherings, and most didn’t understand him.  I am sure he was teased at school though I didn’t see it because we went to different schools. I went to public school while he went to Charles Wright Academy, a private prep school, in Tacoma Washington. His strongest subject was math. He was by far beyond most of us in math.   At CWA every year they had a project each student would work on themselves right after Christmas break. At the end of the school year, gathering of students, friends, and family the seniors would talk about the project they worked on.  When Dick talked about his project everyone started laughing.  I asked my mother why they were laughing when I had no idea what he was talking about. She told me that no one knew what he was talking about, and it was the reason they were laughing. At that point I was glad I wasn’t alone.

What stood out to me about Dick was the love he had for people especially his family. Though most of us didn’t understand him, it didn’t stop him from carrying for his fellow man. He would take his time for anyone. After graduating from CWA in 1971 he went onto Princeton University where he graduated from in 1975. He graduated with honors majoring in math of course.  He moved to New York City after graduation where he lived until his death. When he died he was a computer programmer for Bank of New York.  Later I heard that Microsoft wanted to hire him. He worked on computers before we know of computers today. I am sure if we discussed computers I would not known what he was talking about either, but I am sure he would explain on my level. While living in New York my sister, Barb, brother-in-law Bob, nephews Ken, and Connor moved to Quebec Canada around 1986.Dick spent most if not all his holidays with them. Like I said he loved family, and though Ken and Connor were very young they remember every minute spent with Uncle Dick.  The last time I saw Dick was a Christmas holiday to Quebec together in 1991. I figure to end this post now but I want to write one last thing about Dick. I am not sure what year it was but after his death I found a picture of Dick and myself. I figure he was two years old and I was about six months. What came across to me was the love on his face for his little brother.

Just one last thing give your brother or sister a hug. You never know if it is the last time you see them.

Until next time much love and blessings to you all.

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