Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Friday!

I woke up this morning, and a word came to my mind “regret”; my computer started playing Kenny Roger’s “The Gambler”.  I realized that our minds are like computers where they are programmed.  I find it would likely be easy, and have a negative day by thinking about regret and the gambler all day long.  I decided that I am not going the easy way because I want to have a really good day.  How are we going to decide our day? Is our minds programmed one way, or does it go depending how the day goes.  I want my mind to go only one way, and that is positive.  The other day I was thinking how important to spend the day meditating on a word or a sentence. If we meditate all day the better; for example, the word came up with is greatness, and the sentence is I shall overcome.   Than my computer started playing the next song “Amazing Grace “; my mind said “yes”.  I thought today is going to be a great day as long as I don’t go back to when I woke up.  Another song came on Jim Croce “You don’t mess around with Jim”. So now I can say nobody better try messing with me today; if you try I will speak kindness.  Regardless what has been going on this week going into the weekend meditate on something great not just good. We will live in a better place. I could go on from here but I am thinking it is time to start the weekend in good measure. Be Blessed and much love to you.

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