Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More of the Peninsula

          Gig Harbor which you know I grew up at is just a cross the Narrows Bridge form Tacoma.  It is on the west side of Highway 16, and is about five miles from the bridge. It is the first city on what is called the Olympic Peninsula.  It goes north for about seventy miles to Port Angeles, and then about sixty miles east to Forks now known for the Vampire book and movies.  There are a lot of really good places to see on the Olympic Peninsula.  If I were taking a vacation for at least a week traveling there would be a fun time especially in the summer. I will spend time writing about each city or area.

The first city north of Gig Harbor is Port Orchard; it is about a twenty minute drive from Gig Harbor. It is just under thirteen thousand for population.  Most of the people live up on the hill; the main part of town has shops and motels on the waterfront.  I found driving along the waterfront difficult to see either Bainbridge Island or Seattle because of the motels and marinas.  I was able to view Bremerton which the next city north of Port Orchard. In fact, it is the largest city on the Olympic Peninsula, and takes about ten minutes to drive to from Port Orchard.  I find the best thing to do is to get out of the car and walk around instead. 

Have a better view driving would go south turn left on Bay St.; continuing   to Manchester. It has quite a few homes on the waterfront, and you can see Seattle at a distance.  Going a little further south is Southworth. They have a ferry location that goes over to West Seattle, so you go either way taking your car.

The area of Port Orchard, Manchester, and Southworth is a really good spot to go boating either motoring or sailing.  So much of an area to see going toward Seattle,  Bainbridge Island, and Vashon Island.  Also, a great spots to fish as well.  

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