Sunday, March 23, 2014

Beginning of a New Story

The other day I was in a coffee shop I regular visit in Gig Harbor. Of course, like most towns In Washington State Gig Harbor has many coffee shops. A gentleman told the baristas that he is beginning a new story. It is the only part of the story I heard. No pun intended. It sounded like he is retiring, and possibly starting a new job which is common for those in either 50s or 60s who have been at same place for many years. I mention it because many of us are in the same boat ready for a new job or story as he put it.  Another way you could say a new adventure as well.

 I have heard a lot of men, and some women go through midlife crisis which turns out very bad because they leave family and spouse. I believe at some point all of us just need a new adventure whether it is a different job or job relocation, however, your spouse needs to be part of the decision as well.  I am not a psychologist but I think most divorces happen when both are in either 40s or 50s because the children are no longer at home, and realize that they don’t know each other anymore. Instead of divorce, and leaving each other it is time to discover each other and begin a new story.

I know over the years we do some change, and may not have the same interests as in the younger years. Also, love may not be the same either; however, to give up on the relationship is wrong it is best to rekindle the love. It is important to look back, and remember how you got together in the first place. Also, you need to think about your children and grandchildren. Get to know your children as adults, and enjoy the grandchildren together.

This is sort of funny because this was not the way I intended to write this in the beginning. I had no intention to write about marriage and divorce. I just wanted to write about how great it is to start a new job in your later years; however, it could be like marriage where you feel no life in it anymore.

I never wanted to give advice either since I never been married, but this blog has given me a new way of expressing myself at the same time to help others. I really hope this helps you, or maybe someone you know.

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