Sunday, March 30, 2014

Opening of Baseball Season

April may showers brings May flowers, however, April also brings baseball.  For us that really love baseball there is no other day like opening day. All the teams are equal for probably only a few days, and the fans feel optimistic at least for a few days unless your team you root for is not very good.

It is very hard to know at this point where the Seattle Mariners are at. They now have Robinson Caro formerly of the New Yankees playing second base and batting third. He signed a large contract for ten years so he will be around for some time.  We have to see what difference he will make with his new teammates.  I see if the Mariners have better pitching, along with defense, and fundamental hitting they should be at least ten games better than the 71 wins they had in 2013. They lost more than twenty games by only one run; if they can win those types of games this year instead of losing.  I figure if they improve in only one area  will allow more wins, and if more than one area come win at least 85 games, and who knows maybe the playoffs.

I really enjoyed the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl in February, however, if the Mariners could make the World Series everyone will see how great a sport’s town Seattle is.  Seattle always supports teams that win. Those that lose have far more trouble. The Mariners do need to improve to be able to bring back the fan base.  Losing a lot the last decade has made it very difficult to keep fans.  At least the Mariners realize this is the situation.  Personally I love baseball so much that I continue to watch, but not everyone feels the same.

The amazing team is the Chicago Cubs; they have been losing for almost the whole time I have been alive but continue to have loyal fans.  This year seems to be no different; however, there is always hope. This shows how different baseball is different than other sports.

I know some people think baseball is boring, however, you can say the same thing of soccer (football outside USA).  I amazed that the Seattle Sounders usually draw more than forty thousand people to each match when the scores are usually either 1-0 or 2-1. It is another sport you have to really understand.  It has a lot to do with strategy. I am not a big fan of watching it on television, but being in Century Link Field the energy of the fans is very overwhelming.   Baseball can have the same energy especially for team is winning on a regular basis, and especially during the playoffs.

Of course, baseball can feel like a long season when the team is not doing well.  I am one though that wishes baseball would go all year long. I know it sounds crazy but when you love the sport that is how it is.  Go Mariners Go!

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