Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Surrounding Gig Harbor

There is a lot of surrounding little communities around Gig Harbor; I would say it more than doubles the population of Gig Harbor.  Most of these communities the mailing address list Gig Harbor as the city since they have no post offices, and everyone would still say they are from Gig Harbor.  You would only say different to the locals.

I grew up in East Gig harbor which by the name is east of Gig Harbor. It is actually across the harbor from the city of Gig Harbor. Most of the people live on the shore like they did when I was growing up. There are more people in East Gig Harbor now; however, it is still a fraction of Gig Harbor. The cost of living there is very expensive as most of the homes including property are over a million dollars. Most of the houses are newer; the house I grew up in is one of the few that still exist.  The cost was nothing like that back in the 60s or 70s.  I felt like it was privilege living there because of being on the water, and the other kids in the neighborhood.

North of East Gig Harbor is Crescent Valley which is more middle class. I had a lot of friends as well in Crescent Valley. In fact there were more people in Crescent Valley and it is more middle class since there is no waterfront property.  There is a lake at the end of Crescent Valley which is called Crescent Lake; it is not a very large lake.  Playing little league baseball I was on the Crescent Valley team; East Gig Harbor we didn’t have enough boys to feel a team.  We played the other communities in the area including Gig Harbor; the Gig Harbor team always one the league while we finish usually number two.  We had our own park to play games at.  Actually I spent a lot of time at the park; we played a lot of pickup football too especially in Junior High School since the school was on the way home.

West of Gig Harbor is Wollochet, Artondale, Arletta, and Fox Island. Both Wollochet and Fox Island most of the people do live near the water as well so a little more expensive than Artondale, and Arletta. I actually lived in Arletta for fifteen years so I enjoyed my time there as well. It is amazing things do feel different living in one area then another.

Going north from Artondale is Raft Island, and Rosedale. They are both nice areas as well. They actually still have small community grocery stores as well which I think is cool, and keeps the country flavor as well.

I recommend living in any those places. There are other communities as well more north that I see as more country. Though the area has grown a lot in my lifetime it is still a lot of country. What is nice you can live in country and the bigger city is not far off. The city of Tacoma is across the Narrows Bridge, and allows us to have both feelings. Most of the people in the area work in Tacoma as well.

If you want to see some pictures of Gig Harbor you can Google Gig Harbor Maps then click on the map and select pictures. Give you more of an idea the area looks like. Not a better place to live. 

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