Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Here in Gig Harbor the first day of spring starts out good with the sun shining. Very likely those days will be numbered.  It fits perfect to say April shows bring May flowers.  Everyone feels good because they figure winter is over, however, it has been a pretty mild winter.  Not a lot a rain until March which has had more rain than normal, and the most since 1997.Besides today I expect not very more days of sun, hopefully I could be wrong.  There is no better beautiful place to be when the sun is out. Did I say that, somewhat, of a tong twister?

If you are a sport fan  day is the beginning of March Madness,  baseball season starting in less than two weeks as spring training is coming to an end, and the Masters.  For many this is when sports are at its best.

I am sure those on the east coast can’t wait for spring to begin, but I am sure today is not it since they have just had some snow this week.   In fact, spring may not occur on the east coast until late April. I remember a couple years ago the Seattle Mariners had a baseball series in Cleveland in April, and all four games were cancelled because of snow.  It was not a favorite trip for them; I am sure most people would not take a vacation in Cleveland unless you have family.

I look forward to all sunny days that do come between the rains along with the May flowers. The spring means that 4th of July is coming soon.  What I mean by that, is summer begins in Gig Harbor on the 4th of July. Also, summer runs for three months.  I know June 20 is the official day of summer but it keeps raining here until July.

Want everyone to enjoy their spring, however, it comes. 

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