Friday, April 18, 2014

Family continue

First thing I want to thank you for reading about my last writing concerning family. It was one of my highest readings. As I said there is nothing like family.  We all need our family; I am blessed to come from a very good one as I said, also this includes my cousins as well.

This week I found out that I have a damaged heart. According to the doctor there is nothing that can be done other than give me medicine because the damage happened some time ago, and he said it may have happened ten or twenty years ago. If I had taken care of it at the time than they could do something, but likely I didn't recognize what happened.  Though it is a little scary I figured since it happened some time ago, and the doctor told me a little time I should live a normal life. The reason I found this out now my primary doctor thought I had a skipping heart so I was given some tests which revealed the damage.  I have to take a few more tests to make sure I am put on the correct medicine. I appreciate any prayer; however, it does seem that God is looking after me.

I do have family and friends that has been going through more trials than I am. It is important to have family and friends around to support us.  I know several have lost family very recently, and others that are going through health issues as well.

Four months ago my cousin Rob Shaw youngest son Mike was involved in a skiing accident that damaged his spine which he had operated on.  Initially he was paralyzed as well, and the doctors figured it would take at least nine to a year of rehab to recover. He had the real possibility of being paralyzed the rest of his life.  He has been out of the hospital and rehab center for about a month.  He continues to go through rehab but is able to walk. He is a living miracle who feels that he will be able to ski again but not at the same level.  A few days ago he had a video showing walking on a treadmill.  Along with the miracle he has gone through it all with a positive attitude, also, he has had a lot of friends who continue to support him. Mike Shaw I call him as a champion. He is an example to so many including myself.

For those who celebrate Easter I wish you a great time this weekend.  Everyone else I wish you a great weekend as well.  Also, whatever you are going through I am with you and wish you the very best. Remember your family, and friends all around you. 

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