Sunday, April 20, 2014

More about Family

I know I written twice before about family, however, I think it is an important subject. I get amazed that some families do disown other members because they don’t have the same beliefs.  I have heard cases where parents do not  want their children to marry someone that doesn't have the same religion, or you will be disowned.  I know over centuries as being the case, however, now where there is more diversity and marriages between cultures I think it is ridiculous. Also I call it controlling your children.   

I know in my family I don’t have the same exact beliefs concerning religion or politics, however, I love them anyway. I am a Christian, and I am told to love one another so if other members of the family do not believe exactly the same I still love them. Also, I know our politics is not exactly  the same either.

Last September I went to a high school reunion, and I asked a woman who was in my class how one of her brother is.  She told me she did not know because they haven’t spoken or seen him for several years. She says that they have no idea why.  I used to go to church with her brother, and I haven’t seen him or his wife for several years too.  I have no idea whether they decided to stay away from family, but when you are supposed to love one another it comes to your family that do not believe the same as well.  If I want my family to believe the same as I do I set the example. They see how important it is to me they may eventually to follow my way; other words, I practice what I preach.

I want my family to know how much I love them as well because I want them to know whatever comes I will be there for them in the same manner I want them to be for me.  There is nothing more important to know whatever mistakes are made I have others that love me.  For example, if I decide to rob a bank, or do something even worse they will support me.  In my case I know it will not happen because I know the consequences, but I know they will support me even if they have to tell me how stupid it was robbing a bank.

They greatest part of love especially from family is to tell them something when they make a big mistake, or need to make changes. Also, nothing feels better when you realize your mistakes, and the family comes to your aid. Let your love for one another be the best of you. 

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