Friday, April 11, 2014

Oso and Three Weeks

There are so many problems in the United States and around the world; however, when a tragedy happens people come together. Though there is a lot of evil in the world good will triumph in the end.

I amazed that the tragedy happened in Oso, Washington with the mudslide that cost many people their lives was three weeks ago. I think it seems like a lot longer than that; I am sure those families that lost loved ones and those who are still missing would agree.

What I see in the Oso tragedy like so many other tragedies that happen is that there are so many heroes.  There are those who come for the clean up as well as those that are involved in the search and recovery along with family members.  Other heroes were the people of Arlington, and Darrington who may have known some of the victims, or at the least felt they should be a part of search, and recovery.  As far as I am concerned everyone involved are heroes.  There were even people who came from Colorado and California as well along with other people in Washington.

So many other tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing of last year this one will be remembered for a long time.  There is a lot of work and decisions to make in the months and possibly years ahead to do in Oso, Washington. To find out what exactly caused the mudslide, whether to rebuild homes, and putting in new roads.  Of course, the biggest work is to put the lives of those who survived along with those who lost family members back together again. We need to continue praying for them including the people of Arlington, and Darrington.

The people of Oso, Arlington, and Darrington show us all that in many ways we are family, and we must stick together.  The great gift we have is love.

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