Friday, May 30, 2014

A Message for a Massage

I know I am playing with words, however, I realized last Saturday when I finished my monthly massage how important it would be for everyone. We all have little aches and pains on our bodies, and a massage can really help. I know that not everyone can afford to have a professional massage every month, however, it is still important to have one.  I would say If you cannot afford one every month I would still recommend one every three or four months.  If you are married, or have a partner you should give each other a massage at least once a month or twice a month. Another idea would give each other a neck rub down at least once a week or if possible every day. Also, if you would like to rub each other’s legs every so often as well. If you do not feel comfortable doing that you can actually rub your own legs. I would do the same thing with the arms and hands. I put lotion on my legs, arms, and hands at least once a day as well.

I found it is important to stretch every day whether you exercise or not.  I do it several times a day since my legs are hurting to some degree, and I do some walking or riding each day. I have been told the older you get the more important it is. In my younger years I didn't think it was necessary, but now it sure feels good.

Another idea I have is to change our diets.  April I found out from the doctor I have a damaged heart. He said that it occurred probably ten or twenty years ago.  He changed one of my blood pressure medicines as well.  I am doing much better. He recommended that I stop eating anything that has saturated fats in it or at least not as often.  Besides foods at fast food restaurants there are saturated fats in butter, and yogurt.  Of course, it is important to cut down on sugar and salt as well.  I have lost a few pounds so far, and look to lose more.

The older we get the more important it is for each of us to change our lifestyles.  Our society has made things more stressful for each of us. I have written about how important family is, and how we can be champions in regards to our gifts, and talents, but living a healthy life is important too.

Good luck, and have a wonderful weekend. Until next time, I love you all.

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