Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More about Traveling

What I find is that not everyone likes to go traveling though I certainly do.  There are those who have never traveled and do not believe it is for them.  My dad was one of those; my mother went on several trips without him, than she persuaded him to go. He found out that he really did enjoy traveling.  He thought beforehand that going to Europe was not something he was interested in. My brother, Jack, lived in Germany for a couple years.  While living there my dad and mother visited them in Germany, and they went to England as well.  He found that he really enjoyed seeing both places. Later they took a trip to France as well. In fact, we had family in southern France which they visited. Unfortunately my dad died while visiting them. I believe he died the way he wanted too. He would still go if he knew it was the end.

I believe trying other things that you may think you would not like doing would be something to try as well. I believe this would include things you may believe you would not be good at either.  We have talents that we may not realize that we have.

Last week while walking in Gig Harbor I realized wherever you go   to do a lot of walking. This would apply to travel or in your hometown.  Last week I was walking on a street that I never walked before, however, did a lot of driving on many times over. While walking I found houses, and bushes that I never saw before. Driving on roads we are not able to see so many things. Of course, we can slow down to see more but walking would be a better.

Today May 6th I decide to walk along my old neighborhood. Along the waterfront there are so many more houses than when I was a child.  The houses are very large as well. My old house doesn't look any different on the outside than when I was a child. Most of the other houses have been replaced.

So walking not only helps in seeing more things we are able to get good exercise as well. I think we can get our heads cleared as well. Like computers where we have to clean out because of possible viruses our brains need the same thing. I know it works for me.  

I look forward to going on trips where I can do some walking.  In the meantime I will walk in different areas of Gig Harbor, and other cities in western Washington. Not only get in better shape but learning more about the area. I know it does take extra time but is worth it. 

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