Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pleasant Traveling to France

My nephew Danny came back to the good USA on Saturday March 3 after spending his time since Sept. 2013 in Paris France.  He did have a break coming back during Christmas.  He is nineteen years of age, and I am sure that he grew up a lot during this time.  I will be seeing him in early August when he and his father Jack (my brother) will be coming out here to visit.  Another nephew Ian will be here for most of the summer doing an internship at Microsoft. It really will be great to see them all. I mention it because I am sure I will see a more mature young man after his time being in Paris.  I know that there is nothing like the first time going out on your own, and going to a foreign country even more so.  The next school year he will be going to Harvard University.  He follows his other three siblings to the University. Ian will graduate next year from Harvard.  While in Paris he spent a lot of time with other young people his age. I am sure that he will remember them, and be life time friends. I am sure in the future he will go to visit Paris again.

I know some people have poor experiences going to France; however, I don’t think they embraced their adventure.  When you hear the term the UGLY AMERICAN it is true for some people.  Those people think everyone should speak English like they do.  Most Frenchmen do know how to speak English; however, they like to be talked to in French as well. So those I call UGLY AMERICAN   refuse to speak in French.  You really do not have to know much French to do so.  I did not speak French before going to France, however, I learned some basic French sentences including do you speak English.  They really appreciated the effort.  

One thing I especially learned in France is the people are very good at socializing. I would say more than a lot of Americans.  On most Sunday’s they go out to an early dinner, and spend a long time at a restaurant or a family home.  They eat a lot of courses of food   at meal time so they spend a lot of time talking between each course.  You will learn a lot about them.  I find that to be very refreshing.

I was planning to write some other things about travel; however, I will do so on my next writing. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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