Sunday, June 22, 2014


I am amazed that so far I have not had writers block. I say it may be down the road but so far I have a lot to say. My mother said that I did not start talking  until I was five but then I would not stop. I do still talk a good amount but I would say I have learned to listen to others as well which hasn't been easy. In general we are selfish people, and it is not easy to become unselfish.

I have read things from other writers, and broadcasters who say that each of us has a story to tell. I believe they are correct. There are other ways to do so besides writing, and broadcasting.  For example, to learn about someone and their story is that if they are an artist, photographer, or film maker as well. I believe that we are all story tellers; it just depends on how we want to express it. These days a lot of people are expressing themselves in social media through either writing or pictures. You can learn a lot about them this way.

A lot of my writing has to do with Gig Harbor and growing up in a small town.  Also, I write about encouraging others especially with their gifts and talents. I believe my life like so many others is a life of contradictions.  For example, I am a weak, and a strong person. I want to make my weaknesses into strengths. I believe it is how we become better people, and we can help out others.

Living in Western Washington most of the towns are small, so most people live in the country. In Gig Harbor we have boats of different sizes. Since my dad was into sailing, and we lived on the waterfront it was quite natural to have boats, however, there are others in the area that have horses, and other animals.  

Though there are a lot of things to do I think most kids look forward to go to the big city like Seattle. I have only been in Seattle maybe twenty times or so in my life I think? I have gone through Seattle many more times to visit family farther north.  I do have cousins living in Seattle so we visited them on occasion.  Every time I do spend time in Seattle it feels like I am in a foreign county. It seems so international to me. I don’t think that as a problem. The two places I enjoy the most in Seattle is the Pike Place Market, and the Space Needle. Usually I visit them when family is in town; We like taking the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. It is a very fun trip, and so good to see the Puget Sound.  Most anywhere in the area you can see Mt. Rainier; it is an awesome sight. Like so many places in the area it takes around two hours drive to Mt. Rainier.

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