Friday, June 20, 2014

It Is Here

Another year where time goes by so fast and it is summer already; I am sure most people have their plans already set. I am not one that really does except I will enjoy the Gig Harbor area. The only sure thing is my brother will be coming in early August.

Gig Harbor is a really good place to walk since it has several trails besides going around the waterfront. Also, there are places nearby that I can enjoy as well. There really is no better place to be in the summer time. The weather is really nice, but, not overwhelming when it comes to temperature.

I have family friend Tom who has a rental boat business. You can either take out a boat, or he will take you out on a tour of the area. Also, there are a number of places where people can rent kayaks on an hour basis. The harbor does get some wind, however, normally not to heavy where you can’t handle it. Besides getting out on the water there are several small shops as well to look into. The city has expanded a lot next to the highway opening a couple new shopping centers, and looking to build another.  One of the problems though the oldest shopping center has lost a few businesses as well, and may lose more with the new one.  I wonder if Gig Harbor now is at capacity; I don’t really see more people moving in either.  The city council has been in discussion about revitalizing the waterfront area as well.  I don’t have a problem with it if the plan is to go with more small businesses, but I think they may look at larger ones which I am not sure is a very good idea.  My opinion is they need to help existing businesses. I am not sure what the answers are, however, I hope they have some good experts.  I see the waterfront should be too   revitalized to help out visitors.  This is really true for those who come in by boat.

Anyway enough of my soap box; though Gig Harbor need help for the future there still is a lot to see for visitors.  Coming to the Olympic Peninsula is a really great idea. Besides Gig Harbor there are so many other places to discover as well.  I recommend a word search for Olympic Peninsula, and find some good ideas. Living in Gig Harbor always means enjoying looking north to Mt. Rainier; it is an awesome sight.  

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