Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day

I want to start out by wishing you all fathers a great Father’s Day this Sunday June 15. It is really nice to be able to honor our parents on each of their special days.

My dad has been gone for a while he died on June 11, 1993 which was near father’s day. I miss him very much, and I think about him every day. He was not the perfect father by any means; however, he was a really good father.  I think the greatest honor I have received has come from a few cousins who say I remind them of my dad.  My dad died while visiting relatives in France, so I was unable to say goodbye, however, he did say before going on the trip how much he loved me. I believe in his mind he thought he may not return.  Another honor I received from my dad was that I was named after him as well. I am not a junior because my middle name I got from another father my mother’s dad. I did not know him very much because he died when I was four years old.  According to my mom I am a lot like him in personality, and interests.  So I would say knowing myself I know him in some ways.

I say that none of us have perfect fathers.  We can learn as much from their failures as well as their strengths.  If you have or had a father that has not been a good father by neither living it, nor not even being there for you the first thing you should do is to forgive him. I know many sons and daughters have scars they received from either one or both parents. I am not talking about physical scars which some have received as well but emotion scars.  If you are a parent who has put scars on your children, and it does not matter how old your children are you need to go to them, and ask for forgiveness.  It is very important because so many people live with broken hearts, and scars.

For each one to become a good parent is to learn from your parents both the good and the bad.  Each child is a reflection of their parents.  Unfortunately I am not a father in the natural but I believe I can be a father in other ways to younger children who may not have fathers.

So I end this writing by giving you all fathers a great honor.  Hold your head up, and let your children know how much you love, and appreciate them.  Hopefully, each generation all parents are better than the generation before them. Also, have yourself a wonderful weekend. 

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