Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Last Weekend

Last weekend we had wonderful weather to be able to do many different things. I don’t remember too many early June’s where the weather was like summer. Usually we have rain in June especially the early part of the month. In fact, we haven’t had any rain so far except maybe a few drops.

In Gig Harbor we had our annual Maritime festival including parade on Saturday, and blessing the fishing fleet on Sunday. Like most parades there were floats, and marching bands from the local high schools.  Also, local business, and politicians participated as well.  It was the largest parade that I remember the festival has had for the many years it has been going on.  The weather brought out a large crowd as well. I think it was the most enjoyable parade I have seen in some time. Of course, I really enjoy seeing a lot of little children. They are always the hit of the party far as I am concerned.   

The rest of Saturday in downtown Gig Harbor was booths where you get food among other things. The lines were a bit long so I skipped that part of it.  Also, there was music going on throughout the day. Being very light skinned I got sun burned around my neck.  I was wearing a Mariners cap so no burn on my head or face thank goodness.  I did take an afternoon nap since the weather and all wore me out.

On Sunday was the blessing of the fleet. I did not stick around long for it though I did hear the blessing.  I walked from the north side of the harbor to downtown which I would say is about two miles. The road was blocked off downtown, and most people parked their cars all the way long. Again more music occurred, and I got a hot dog along with lemonade. The lines were not as long on Sunday, at least when I arrived.

The Maritime festival is the main activity to begin summer, however,  there are other things happening during the summer. Tuesday nights downtown they have music bands playing, and then they have outdoor movies as well each week. Also, many of the churches have summer schools, along with public and private schools as well.  Parents can send their kids to camp as well. When I was elementary age my parents would send my brothers and I to YMCA camp at Camp Seymour which is on the Key Peninsula. We would go for two weeks. There were arts and crafts, archery, and swimming along with canoeing, It was a really good time.  Camp Seymour is still in the same location now, and doesn't look too much different.  I am sure our parents enjoyed the peace, and quiet for those two weeks.

It is amazing how we remember those things we did as children. I am sure the children of today will do so as well. I am sure everyone will enjoy this coming weekend with Father’s Day on Sunday. My next writing will be to honor fathers. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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