Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Schools Out!

What I call the best time of the year when I was a kid when school was out for the summer. I know that some kids loved to be in school; however, I can say I was not one of the them. Especially in elementary school most of the teachers did not understand me. I am not sure many others did either.

I am sure most families have a special place they go each year for the summer.  Our family the traditional place to go was Twanoh State Park on the Hood Canal. We usually went at least three times a year during the summer.  We went shortly after school was let out than in July, and August.  It was a great place to go the water was warmer than Gig Harbor.  For little kids they had a small area of water to walk in. Later on we were able to swim out to the dock. The water still was little cold so we would spend some time on the dock before going back to the beach. We would swim around before the dock as well.

I was very fair skinned so mom would put a lot of sun tan lotion on me. I did not really like it; however, she was very smart about it. Also, I had to wear a tee shirt most of the time which I was not happy about either.   I was not happy because most boys went without tee shirts.  Of course, I burned easy so I would have been unhappy in the long run.

Besides the swimming area they had tennis courts so when we got older my brothers, and I would play. There was a picnic area so we ate really good food my mother made. There was a concession stand so candy, water, soda, and ice cream was available.

Across the street they had a camping area. A couple times we stayed overnight for a week in our tent trailer. They were very good memories I have.  The drive from Gig Harbor to Twanoh State Park was a little over an hour each way. The way the roads now are you can do it in less than an hour. I have visited there a few times as an adult, and the place looks exactly the same.

I hope that you had a very good place to visit during the summer each year as well. If you live in Western Washington area, or come for a visit, and have kids I recommend Twanoh State Park. Have yourself a great summer.

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