Friday, June 6, 2014

Sticking Together

I thought writing about Father’s Day than remembered is on June 15 so I will write about it next week. I find how important for all of us to stick together for our good, and for everyone’s.

June 5 there was a shooting In Seattle, Washington on the campus of Seattle Pacific University.  This is the second shooting in two weeks on a college campus.  They always seem to come in pairs there are no details yet on why the shooting occurred.  They have found the shooter is not a student at the school.  Seattle Pacific is a Christian school so usually they do not even make the news.

There was a death of one student a nineteen year old man, and a young woman who had to go through surgery, and is in critical condition at this time.  There were two others shot to, however, in satisfactory condition, and they will stay alive. This shooting is changing the lives of so many. It affects the lives of the families of the young man who died, along with those who were injured, and those who witness the shooting. Also, affects all the students, and their families at Seattle Pacific University. Another affect it changes the lives of the shooter’s family as well as him.  What was great is the student who stopped the shooter from taking more lives.

Today is important to pray for each person’s life affected by the tragedy along with the whole community of Seattle, and the state of Washington. Also, I would let every friend, and family member you know how much you love them, and care for them.  Unfortunately this will not be the end of violence so we must stick together closely, and listen to each other.  Young people especially need to know they have a purpose, destiny, and are loved.  If they have any tendency toward evil, and destruction make sure they get some help.  Here in Gig Harbor at the high school the last several years there have been students who have committed suicide.  Important to encourage each other, and pray for one another to be sure nothing like this happens in our family, and community.

My thoughts, prays, and love are with you this weekend as always. Until next time stick together. 

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