Sunday, June 8, 2014

World Together

First of all I want to thank you for reading my blog. I know I have said so before, but I do really appreciate it especially those in other countries.  I recently had someone read from the Ukraine, and several from Russia.  I know things are difficult in both countries, and if I can give you some peace I feel though I am really helping out.

Here in the United States we are probably blessed more than any other in the world, however, things are far from being perfect either.  I feel those who are living in families that seem to be better than others do not mean things are well. I believe I lived in a family better than most though not perfect by any means.  Our family was not rich or poor, at least by USA standards any way. I know that we were richer than those in many other parts of the world, however, I had difficult times growing up. The problems did not happen at home most of the time, but, I did have hard times at school, and even times before I started school.

I do believe we all come from difficult situations even under the best of circumstances. We live in a world that is not very fare. For some it is at home, and for others it is at school. The most important thing is what we have learned from those circumstances.  I do believe we can overcome all things if we are determined to do so. I know it is not easy because I have things I still have to work out. The most important thing is to find others who will help us out.  Recently we have had shootings in our area where young people have lost their lives. Those shootings have been done by disillusioned or mental ill people. Either them, or someone in their families have spoken to authorities who have not listen.  It is important to hear from people who are crying out in this manner.  We must do something so less violence will occur. People should not lose their lives because of these circumstances.

If you know someone who seem to be acting in a manner that is not right it is important to get them some help. It is possible you or someone close to you that may lose their life.  I certainly know that I do not have all the answers, however, we can listen. I know when growing up I wish sometimes people would listen to me.  I made it through because of determination, and having a very good conscience. The problem in this world is not everyone has a good conscience.  We all have free will, but not everyone uses it correctly.

If you need help, or know someone who does please find it; the thing we can do best is listen. My blessings be on you. 

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