Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Forest Fires

While there is crisis in different parts of the world one of the biggest stories in the USA is right here in my home state of Washington in the north-central and eastern part of the state. Currently going on is the largest forest fire in history of Washington near the small town of Carlton, Washington. Carlton is situated near three different national forests so forestry fighters not only from Washington but other states have been fighting it for about three weeks along with a few other smaller fires.

Right now we are having a down pour of rain here the first for this month of July. It is not expected to be very long, and back to normal summer weather at least for the rest of July. Hopefully, Carlton area is getting some rain fall as well. Besides containing the fire there is worry that lightning storms may come, and start other fires as well.
Carlton is in Okanogan County, and is an area that is very popular during the summer especially for young families, and young people. A lot of people from Western Washington go there for camping during the summer. They have concern not only for the people living there, but also for the campers as well.

During the summer the temperatures get over hundred degrees very often. I pretty much stay away from that area because of the high temperatures. There are several wonderful lakes in the area so if I did go camping I would spend most of my time swimming so I would not get either sun burn or stroke. Being fair skinned it would be easy for me to burn.

If you can handle the sun, and the hot weather I would recommend it very highly. Most summers there are forest fires in the north-central, and eastern part of Washington, however, they are usually small, and contained very fast.

A few years ago I traveled through the area to visit my cousin Rob who lives in Vernon, British Columbia. It is another wonderful place to visit with several lakes as well. This is very true especially for those who really enjoy camping, and getting away from the big cities.

Washington State and British Columbia are both great places to live as well as to visit. They are both made up of a lot of small towns like Gig Harbor. There are so many that I do not know all the names of the towns. I guess I would say I will need to do more research by looking at maps. Until next time enjoy the rest of your week, and summer. 

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