Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Visits

This is the time of the year often families get together for reunions. Though it would be nice if families lived close together in many cases it is not happening. Some families like mine my mother and I live here in Gig Harbor, Washington. My sister and brother both live on the east coast. It is more common than it used to be where families live a lot of distances apart. Also, there are those who have come recently from other countries so they still have relatives back home.

Next weekend my brother and his youngest son Danny will be coming here for about a week. They not only will be visiting my mother and I my nephew Ian the middle son is here this summer doing an internship with Microsoft. When Ian is not working they will spend time with him. Of course, mother and I will plan on spending some time as well.  It really will be nice to spend time in Seattle, and I will write here on the blog about our time, and where we will go. Also, they will spend some time in Gig Harbor as well.

 I have said before that there are a lot of things, and places to go around here so I am sure we will visit additional places. I look forward to riding the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle if the time permits.

Last year at this time my brother and his wife moved near Washington D.C. where most of her family now lives. Danny spent last school year in Paris, France where he had a wonderful time and met some new friends as well learning French, and traveling the country of France. In another month he will start his freshmen year at Harvard University.
Ian when he finishes his internship at Microsoft he will go back to Harvard to finish his senior year in Computer Science. I am sure Danny will like having Ian around to show him the ropes of Harvard.

My sister Barb is looking to come here from Quebec, Canada in late September. Her work schedule doesn’t allow her to come right now. So it will be nice to spend time alone with her. Most likely we may do some different things when she comes.

I really hope you are able to spend time with family this summer. I have friends who have family real close so they spend more time together. The most important thing is to have quality time. Also, I know those who have family close by but do not see much of each other which I think it is really ashame. We need to realize that life is short, and we need to spend the most time together we can.

Have yourself a great weekend, and enjoy everyone that you are spending time with either family or friends. 

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