Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Spending Time in Gig Harbor

As you know reading this blog you know I spend most of my time in Gig Harbor where I grew up. I can’t really believe in growing up anywhere else. Those things have changed over time I still think of it as really good place. Sometimes I feel it would be nice to be somewhere else where more is going on; however, I like the fact those of us who live here have to find their own thing to do. Of course, we have all kinds of water sports as well as biking and camping along with other country activities. It is a great place to get away, and relax from stress.

It is really nice that my brother Jack and his son Danny are in town. They will be returning back to their place tomorrow on Aug.6. On Sunday Aug.3 they went up along with Jack’s son Ian to  Mt. Rainier so they did not really want to make a trip to the Olympic Mountains this time around. So instead we spent the morning walking around downtown Gig Harbor, and giving Danny a history lesson since he has only been here two or three other times. In the afternoon the three of us took water trip around the harbor by kayaking. It was such a wonderful time. I haven’t been on the water for some time. There were some homes that can only be viewed by water because they are on private land.

I have said before there are so many wonderful places to see in Western Washington. I could easily spend a day in each town for a while before seeing them all. Every place is wonderful and unique to itself.  Also, we can learn interesting history about each place as well. The Native Americans spent a lot of years here before the white man came. Though there isn’t as many as before there are some still around, and interesting to hear their stories they learned from their ancestors. 

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