Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall is Here

We saw in the state of Washington and the northwest fall came out in a bang with some rain and colder temperatures. The last few days it has been cloudy along with the sun coming out later in the day. It is very common in the northwest for this to happen.

I have heard a number of people who said that they were looking forward to fall. We did have very nice and long summer. Though we do have some rain in late September and through October, also, we have do have some very nice days with sun coming out. Today is a common fall day with fog, and sun expected in the afternoon.

Seeing the change of color in the leaves is very enjoyable as well. There are a lot of bright colors in them. Those who told me they were looking forward to rain said that they would still say the same in November. I thought sure you do. Being a native I really do not mind the rain, but going many days without the sun can be very bothersome. There is another thing that I do not like a lot becoming dark early at night and waking up in darkness as well. Really makes the days seem very lonely.

When I was growing up when we had weekends with rain my brothers and I would play different card games. It was a good time, however, it does get tiresome after a while. My older brother Dick invented his own war games. Usually took several days to complete each game. In those days we did not have video games, and our television reception was not very good before cable television. It was good to go outside when rain was not happening. The days when it did not rain, and we were not in school I would spend at my friend Gary or Bob’s depending on who was home. When I went out neither lived to far away so I had no problem walking to either house. We did different things depending on whose place I went too.

For the children I hope they all have close friends nearby they can spend time with. I would make sure they are outside when possible. For the adults would be spend good quality time together doing different activities. It is something good to do because when winter comes it maybe even harder. If you live in an area that has nice weather all the time you are lucky, however, it is really nice to have all four seasons around here.

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