Friday, September 26, 2014


The first thing my heart procedure was a success. The doctor found no major blockage in my heart. He told me that there was a little bit of minor blockage but did nothing to them because it would not help. He would give the pictures taken to my cardiologist, and discuss what action would take place next. With success sometimes come mistakes and failures as well.  In this case I caught a cold while in the hospital, and bruising on my right arm.

The whole thing about success is that mistakes and failures are going to come along as well. The important thing is to learn from the mistakes and failures. Actually we must learn from the success as well. The only way we become more successful is to learn from our experience.

Sometimes we may not think we are successful because we look at our mistakes and failures greater than we ought to. Another thing is often we look at success of others especially our siblings and parents. We need to look at our success on its own merit instead.

One major error we look at is how much money we make. We consider a success or failure by the amount we make. The thing about success is we can be successful in many other ways besides money. Most of us will not make the money that Bill Gates does, however, it does not change the fact we are successful.

For most of us being born in the United States of America gives us an opportunity to be successful. We may have obstacles that get in the way of success but does not change the opportunity to do so. For example, in my life when I was four years old I was burned and spent six and half weeks in the hospital. I almost did not make it, however, I sure did. At the same time I had a hearing problem that was resolved when I was five years old. Throughout my elementary school years into high school I was behind in my reading level. While in high school I took an individual reading class that increased my reading level. Now I am able to read at the level as a junior in college. At least that was what I was at the last time I took a reading test. If I lived in another country I may have not survived, or if I did I would not been able to accomplish what I did. In that alone I would call high level of success.

After working for several years I lost my job so I went back to school. I received an associate’s degree at the local community college. I would call another success story.

We all have gone through many successes and failures along the road of life. It is important that we recognize our successes. If you have felt that you have been a failure all the way along you can today start on the road of success.

The marathon runner knows the most about success and failure. It is not how you start the race it is how you finish it.  

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