Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Living in Washington State

I have to say that I am blessed to live in the best state in the best country of the World. I know that there are those who would disagree with me. I have friends who have moved to California because they do not like the weather in Washington during the winter time, and others that go to Arizona during the winter. I know that it is tiring to go so many days without sun during the winter and the spring as well. The positive side we have the best looking nature anywhere to be. I know I get tired of the rain and cloudy days as well but I have to look at the positive more than the negative. Here we have so many places to see that I have not ever been to as well. Also, we have all four seasons, and it never gets to hot or cold. What could be the number one reason to stay is the awesome Mount Rainier.

The number two place I would live in the United States is New England. It is a lot like Washington State as well except it does get colder during the winter. I believe because they do not have any mountain ranges like we have to keep it warmer. Some of my family lives on the east coast so if I had to move this would be the place to go. Other parts of the United States I may visit but I likely would not want to live because of being too hot.

The number three place I would choose to live is southern France. I visited there once, and hope to go back again in the future. It is so beautiful there as well. Also, the people are so nice to be around as well. Family is very important to them, and I could spend a lot of time with them. I do have relatives in the area too. Next to them would likely be Spain and Italy though I have never been to either.

After those places would be British Columbia Canada which is a lot like Washington State as well. Also, I have first cousins living there. Another place I would consider that I have not visited before is New Zealand. The pictures I have seen make place look so beautiful. I would consider England, and Germany next on the list which I have visited both. Many other places I would have to visit before putting them on the map too move to.

In the end there is no place like home. I hope to visit many places but would still consider Washington State home especially Gig Harbor. Come for a visit you may agree.

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