Sunday, September 21, 2014


The one thing we can do to encourage or discourage people with our words. It is something I am trying to do is encourage people as much as possible. In this time it is more important than ever since what is going on the word, however, many are being discouraged. Often it can be just one word to someone that will make a difference whether positive or negative.

We have heard where bullying is quite a concern, but negative can have the effect on children as well. I am sure we experienced it when we were kids. I know myself it happened quite a bit growing up in Gig Harbor. Parents need to speak to their children on how to act and words to encourage other children. Most kids are accustomed to speak negative words to other kids. Of course, many adults do the same thing as well. We do not learn from our mistakes very often. I often feel negative about myself because of the words others spoke to me in the past. The most important thing for us to do in this situation is to say today I won’t allow the past to get the best of me. It is a battle we must do on a daily basis.

Another area besides words we must with is body language. It can be as effective both positive or negative as words. People can feel very ignored or unappreciated on how others act as far as body language. I have said that when I go walking I give eye contact along with a smile. I have been told by others that they have felt very alone because people do not give them attention. Body language can occur to when you are speaking to another. They may give you the feeling that they are not interested in what you are saying.

Another thing is listening to others as well. This can feel negative especially when greeting others. We may have other things on our mind when we get contact with them. I know usually when someone ask how we are doing we respond by saying we are fine. Sometimes we pay respond that way when we do not really want to get into with someone. I remember once though where I was asked the question, and I responded that I was not doing well. There response was oh that’s nice. Obviously I felt even worse than I had.

The most important thing we can do is give others our attention. I can admit that I am not always good at it either. I know it happens so I work on it as much as I can.

I will be going through my heart procedure on Sept.23 so I am not sure when I will write again. I hope to be able to on the 24th but I am not sure. I will give you updates on how I am feeling. Until next time I hope everything goes well with everyone.

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