Friday, October 31, 2014

Being Fourteen

The tragic shooting last Friday Oct. 24 at Marysville-Pilchuck reminds me of when I was fourteen years old. It is probably one of the most difficult ages we live; however, it is no excuse what the shooter did that day. Most believe he had a relationship with a girl that broke off, but that still gives no reason to the shooting. He was known as being a very popular student in his class which shows to me though he seemed to be really nice and friendly he had a dark side as well.

I remember fourteen years old, and a freshman in high school being one of my most difficult years in school. I found it being very difficult socializing as well as having poor grades. I had to deal with some bullying from sophomores and junior most of the year. I never did feel as though I had to hurt anyone, or shoot anyone but I tried to survive. I only fought sometimes only so I would not get hurt. What helped out the most was I did know some seniors who came to my rescue sometimes.

Unlike the shooter last week I was not one of the popular students. I was somewhere down in probably the bottom third. Another thing I had to deal with like most at fourteen was how I felt about girls, and how they may have felt about me. I did not ask any girl to a dance because I was nervous and shy. I was not sure how they felt about me. Also, the ones I was most interested in, or I had a crush on already had a boyfriend. I did not know how I should deal with all of it. I am sure I was not alone in it.

Another thing at Peninsula High School we had what was called the freshman pond. It was located near where the buses parked. You can imagine why it was called the freshman pond. It was where some freshmen where thrown into by upperclassmen. I was very lucky I was never thrown into that pond. The experience did not happen very often but no one wanted to be known as someone who got thrown in.

Although things were difficult at fourteen I did survive. Most kids that age need to know whatever happens life will go on. It is really nice that there are counselors and other adults that will listen. Do not be afraid to speak up.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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