Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

Growing up for me at Halloween time was trick or treat along with carving a pumpkin although I was not a big fan of eating pumpkin pie. Even now I do not think pumpkin pie has a great taste. It is good with whip cream though. In fact without whip cream I do not think it really has a taste at all, however, that is my own opinion.

The big thing that I found happening this year is for people to visit the Pumpkin Patch. I was told a few days ago by a woman with her three year old daughter and six month old baby boy at a local coffee shop that visiting a Pumpkin Patch has been going a few years. I guess I must be behind the times a little bit, however, it seems to be mentioned a lot in the local papers, and on the television news this year. Around here there are a lot of Pumpkin Patches to visit. Also, there is not a big problem buying pumpkins either. I am sure I will eat pumpkin pie but I will make sure it has whip cream on it. I find it strange though I do really enjoy drinking pumpkin lattes either with or without whip cream.

I really do like that every kid of all ages enjoy Halloween. This year like so many others I will be going to a Halloween Party. I think likely I will go as myself which is probably scary enough as it is. If someone asks me why I am not wearing a costume I will say I am going as Bill Gates. Oh yes I get to meet the Great Pumpkin as well. I expect to have a really good time along with getting some candy. Only time of the year I really eat much candy.

I hope you all enjoy your Halloween, and look forward the rest of the year. The holiday season is just beginning. We can all be kids this time of the year. 

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