Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Columbus Day Storm

On October 13 it became windy that afternoon. It was not really windy like we often get in Gig Harbor; however, it did remind me of the biggest storm in my life-time in the northwest. The storm happened on Columbus Day fifty-two years ago.

Like many other events during my childhood I do not remember the storm very much. The storm did leave something behind to remember itself. I know we lost electricity for several days because one our trees next to the road was hit by the electric pole, and it caught on fire which destroyed most of the tree. Only a small amount of tree remained after the storm. The tree remained as long as we lived in the house. The people who bought the house removed the tree shortly after moving in. Each time I drive by the place I wish the remaining of tree was still there. I could understand them removing the tree; however, in our family it was part of history.

Usually this time of the year it is common to have storms, but nothing was like that storm. Most years we do lose electricity at least once for at least a few hours. In many cases it is because of wind storms, however, we have had cases where car accidents have caused them as well. We have been fortunate to have electricity off no more than maybe a couple days at the most. Other places nearby have not been as fortunate. Also, once in a while snow will cause electricity to go out as well.

I do not remember what year it was, however, one year our electricity went out on Thanksgiving. We were fortunate that it did come back on so we could have Thanksgiving dinner. I mainly remember it because my older brother Dick was visiting our sister up near Vancouver, British Columbia. The electricity was out at least all Thanksgiving, and they were unable to have turkey dinner. Our sister said that Dick was very upset. He usually kept cool; however, he was not that day he was looking forward to the dinner. Like I have said it is quite common to have heavy wind storms during the late fall, and winter. 

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