Friday, October 3, 2014

Nice Arrival

This might sound light I am writing about the arrival of a brand new baby, however, I am actually writing about the month of October.

The month of October has started out with really good weather. The temperatures are expected to be the high 60s and low 70s for at least two weeks. Also, I really like to have the sun out as well. We know it will be really soon where we won’t see the sun very often for several months. There is not a better place to be than Gig Harbor when the sun is out especially looking at Mt. Rainier. If I were to go anywhere during October would be southern France; another beautiful place to be.

Another reason I like October is baseball with the playoffs and World Series. This year the Seattle Mariners missed out making the playoffs by one game. It would have been so exciting if they made the playoffs even if they did not stay in it very long. I will watch a little football but I will get more into it in November.

Another big thing that happens in Western Washington is Oktoberfest. There are different places to go besides Gig Harbor to enjoy Bavarian food. In the middle of the state is Leavenworth which is a small town that looks very German. Besides Oktoberfest a lot of people visit Leavenworth during the Christmas season. They put on quite a festival, and you will see some snow coming down as well.

Of course, the best part of October is at the end of the month with Halloween. It is always great seeing young children in their cute outfits, and going trek or treat. We see what they think is important or what is popular.

I am sure I will think more about October which I will share if it comes to my mind. Have a great weekend, and enjoy this month. Remember each day has uniqueness to itself. Say hi to someone you do not know. Oh yes give a smile as well.

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