Monday, October 6, 2014

Beautiful Skies

Currently we have had the best weather I can remember the last five months. I know I have said it several times how beautiful it is when the sun comes out in Western Washington.

It reminds me of a song by Perry Como call the most beautiful skies are in Seattle. It was recorded and made a hit in late 1968. Also, it was a theme song for a show called “Here comes the Bride”. It starred David Soul who later was in Starsky and Hutch. Also, it starred Bobby Sherman who was a teen idol just before Donny Osmond. The show lasted two seasons. The only reason I watched the show because it was about Seattle and Tacoma. Also, it did not hurt seeing female actresses who came on the show. They were young ladies coming to Seattle from the East Coast to become brides for the men who were there. They were primarily loggers at the time. Actually Tacoma was supposed to be the big city instead of Seattle until the gold rush hit Alaska, and Seattle was closer.

The stretch of really nice weather which is longer than normal makes me wonder how the weather will be in the winter. Will the weather be mild like the last couple years, or be a rougher colder weather? The thing about mild winter is that we still get plenty of rain, and snow in the mountains, however, it happens in fewer days. The whole thing about snow in fewer days is that the skiing season is shorter in the ski resorts. The ski resorts have had it rough the last couple years so they look for it to snow sooner this year instead of later.

The whole thing about snow is that I really like it; however, I am allergic to snow. Actually I am more to cold weather than snow. The major thing is that most people in Western Washington have a problem driving in snow. On the positive side most people stay at home, however, when I drive I still watch out for other drivers.  The major reason there is a problem driving in snow is that we have a lot of hills. In Gig Harbor we have several hills that are hard to drive up so it is important to avoid them as much as possible. Some people have problems getting out of their driveways as well.

I know I am going to enjoy the lovely weather, and beautiful skies as long as possible. In the middle of winter whether mild or rough I will remember these days, and look forward to them in the future. 

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