Monday, October 20, 2014

Seeing Some Family Again

We seem to spend most of our time with friends, classmates or co-workers more than we do family. There is nothing better than we do see family. I think it is the connection of the blood line, and knowing that we are connected to some other people. We either look quite similar or we enjoy many of the same things, and we have a lot of the same talents. I really enjoy getting together with family to catch up on things. I am able to know what family is up to on social media, however, it is a lot nicer to talk in person despite the use of text messaging.

On Sunday afternoon my mother and I headed north of Seattle to Samish Island where the newest family member Finnegan lives to celebrate his first birthday. It is approximately 122 miles from Gig Harbor, and it takes just over two hours to drive. Fortunately most of the driving is done on I-5 freeway. Samish Island is a very beautiful spot just a few miles south and west of Bellingham. On Samish Island at Finnegan’s house you can see a beautiful view of Samish Bay. It was a sunny day so it was very nice to see, and there was a little bit of wind as well. We could not see it at the time; however, Mt. Baker is north and east of Samish Island.

My mother and I were the first to arrive for Finnegan’s birthday party since we were the ones coming the longest distance, and made sure we left enough time because of traffic. Finnegan’s birthday party was made up of family only. There were cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. The first hour was spent meeting family members and catching up with them. Also, there was apple cider along with the treats. The second hour was spent mostly opening Finnegan’s presents and having a very nice desert. I was able to see very close how Finnegan eats his birthday cake. I was warned about being so close but turned out not to be no problem. He ate his cake with his hands. The cake was angel food along with homemade raspberry jam and whip cream. Actually the angel food cake was homemade as well. At the end of eating Finnegan’s face had the raspberry jam mostly and the whip cream. It really made the best of the party. Actually a few minutes before leaving to return home we saw Finnegan left the best for last. He actually walked his first steps. This is actually what family is all about.

The return trip the weather continued to be nice though it had been forecast to rain. Going through Seattle at night is beautiful to see; however, I have to watch the other drivers more closely. This day was a day to remember. As I have said nothing like family. 

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