Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Making Music

I have encouraged about smiling, laughing, and using our talents to the fullest how about music. I know not everyone can play an instrument or sing but everyone can enjoy listening to music. I think this true even if you do not have a true ear for music, or even if you do not have rhythm.

When I went into fifth grade I joined the band, and played the trumpet for two years. I really enjoyed the trumpet; however, I was not very good playing the instrument. In fact, I took some private listens from the band director, but it did not help either so my trumpet career ended with disappointment. Though I have not played the trumpet since other than blowing it a few times still realizing that I still have no talent it does not take away the love of the trumpet. Because I do have rhythm I do now have a set of bongo drums that I can. Hopefully we can all find something to play even if we are not good.

When I was going into tenth grade I joined the high school beginning choir because I loved to sing. I was not very good at the time either. I sang with a monotone voice which my mother knew; however, she did not tell me. My voice was changing at the time, and she wanted me to learn to sing right so she could enjoy me singing around the house. I am sure other parents have experienced the same thing. I found out real soon about singing monotone because my fellow choir members told me, and made fun of me. The best thing I do have a very true  ear for music so I became a good singer before the year ended, and the following year I joined the larger and the top choir in school. I sang in the school choir for two years along with many years in church choir. I consider myself a good singer but not a great singer where I would sing solos. It is really nice to be able to sing whenever I want to.

I would say though if you can’t sing very well at least you can sing the shower or in the car when no one else is in it. If you feel you can’t enjoy singing at least you should be able to listen to some good music.

Another thing that is good to do is to meditate. It is really great to get your mind in a good place. We are around people that sometimes say negative things so meditation will help get everything back in order. Music is good for it as well. I would recommend listen to instrumental music either classical or soft jazz.

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