Monday, November 10, 2014

1st Anniversary

This week is the first anniversary writing this blog. I want to thank you all for reading my blog whether you have once or many times. I know that all of you have busy lives, and to take the time to read I really appreciate it.

I hope that my encouragement has changed your life for the better. I believe that we all need encouragement sometimes. We all go through things that if we know someone cares it make those things much better. This is true even if it is someone we read from their blog.

I look forward to the second year hoping that all our lives become richer. It may be where we become closer to old friends or family, or we meet some new friends. We never know someday we may meet someone that will change our lives. If possible today is that day.

So far November here in western Washington has been quite rainy. If you happen to see the Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants football game yesterday (Sunday) you would have seen a lot of rain. This morning though the sun has come out to see us. Though November is always a rainy month it is nice to see the sun peak its head out even for a few minutes.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season this year, and look forward to 2015. In my family my sister Barb and youngest son Connor plan to come out this way in February. It is possible my mother and I will be seeing them in Victoria, British Columbia. It has been a while since I spent some time in Victoria. My nephew Ian will be graduating from Harvard in May and he already has a position set up at Microsoft where he did an internship this last summer. Earlier the same week his older brother Robby will be graduating from Yale Law School. Look forward to see where he lands after that. The youngest of my brother Jack’s family Danny will finish his freshmen year at Harvard when Ian graduates. Leslie who is the oldest in his family and my only niece is continuing on getting her Doctor Degree in English Literature at University of Minnesota. Also, she teaches classes there as well. Her husband Daniel will be finishing his schooling at Lutheran Divinity School which is very close to University of Minnesota. He will than become a Lutheran minister.

Since I did mention my mother she is now ninety-four years of age. She is amazing to be able to still move along at her age. Sometimes she does walk slowly but what do we expect at that age. Her mind is pretty sharp most of the time as well. I am sure if you met her you would not believe she was ninety-four.

I still plan to write the blog the same manner, and hopefully even better writing as the experience keeps coming along three times a week on different things. However, I plan to write twice a week on my opinions of sports. They would likely take place on Tuesday and Thursday. I will have to see though.

I pray that you all have a great holiday season, and into 2015. Please let your family and friends know about my blog. I look forward to seeing you again on the internet. 

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