Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rainy Day in November

This year like so many other November’s the rain has started out with a bang. Also, we have had some wind as well though I expect a lot more wind to come our way.

What really surprises me is the weather bureau has said that we have a lot of rain above normal for the year. Since November and December are both very rainy months means that we will end 2014 being one of the rainiest years on record.

Since I do a lot of walking it has not felt like we have had a lot of rain but I guess when it has rained it has a lot harder than normal. Most of the time in the northwest the rain is more like a drizzle. So far walking has been harder because of both rain and wind. I have to find alternative way of walking like possibly indoors. There are times during the day sometimes when it is not raining for a short period so I can walk then but I have to keep watching. Also, what makes it difficult to walk as well is getting dark earlier in the evening. With the time change it starts getting dark around 5 pm. In the morning it starts to get light around 7 am so it is the best time to go if not raining.

With the rain it means that there are a lot more car accidents. I get amazed by drivers because you would think people would know how to drive in the rain since we have so much of it, however, they really do not. In most cases they still drive very fast, and they do not anticipate they may have to stop. The last several days I have seen pictures on line showing very bad accidents. I am really amazed that the people in the accidents have survived when looking how terrible the cars look. In many cases they have flipped over especially trucks. Someone I know told me that a normal drive about forty-five minutes for him took over four hours because of multiple accidents. Many of the highways are hard to get off exists, and those that you can are plugged up so no one can really save any time. The great travel this time of the year. Yeah!

I expect more heavy winds coming through in November. So far I have not lost electricity like some households; however, I would not be surprised if it happens sometime in November. I do not expect any snow though it would be a nice surprise. Of course, drivers here do not drive in it very well either.

Wherever you are stay safe, and have a wonderful November. 

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