Friday, November 7, 2014

Regarding Change

Since the beginning of the year I have written about making change in our lives instead of doing a new year’s resolution. When it comes to personal change it can become a lifelong deal.  I know this year for me like so many others changes have become very important. I first found out my heart was skipping, and then I found that at least ten years ago I had heart attack. On September 23 I had a procedure to find out the status of my heart. It turned out things are OK, and I did not have to go through surgery. I do have to do changes when it comes to how to live regarding exercise and diet. Like any kind of change it will take time, and it is not an overnight success.

This week the American voters decided to go another direction, and made republicans the majority in both senate and congress. Like I have said change can take some time, and we are not sure whether it will work or not; however, we need to see what happens. If not like in our personal changes we need to do so until we get it right. Though our government is not perfect by any means it is still the best in the world. I hope that we are able to correct it in the areas the government need change.

In the state of Washington we had two initiatives in regards to gun control. One of them passed while the other did not. It would have been very difficult situation if both had passed. The one that passed the selling point was to get rid of the loop holes in regards to gun registration. I am not sure whether the initiative will work; however, I believe something had to be done. I know friends that are pro guns thought the initiative was stupid. Like I have said before we need to see if this will work, or we may have to try something else. Personally I am not as concerned about rifles as I am with handguns. I believe most people that have rifles use them for hunting while handguns can be used to hurt people though I know a lot of people use them for target practice. It is important that both rifles and handguns are stored away in a good spot when they are not being used. I am mainly concerned with children using them against other children. I do not really know the answer; however, something really needs to be done.

I hope that any changes we try either personally or as a society will work. I hope that everyone will have safe, and a healthy weekend.  

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