Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Playoff Bound

The Seattle Seahawks beat the St.Louis Rams 20-6 on Sunday to be the top seed in the National Football Conference which means they have the home field advantage in the playoffs, and they will have home games during the playoffs. The New England Patriots have the top seed in the American Football Conference. They will only meet if they both make the Super Bowl which is in Arizona.

The Seahawks have a bye the first week so they only need to win two games at home to make it to the Super Bowl.  The Rams actually outplayed the Seahawks in the first half leading 6-0 going into the second half. The Rams scored two field goals. The first field goal was scored after a personal foul penalty on the Seahawks on a punt return. The Rams did not have to go far to kick the field goal. They had the ball around the fifty yard line after the punt return. The second field goal was after a fumble by Marshawn Lynch. The Seahawks did have a chance to get either a touchdown or field goal at the end of the first half but Russell Wilson threw an interception. He has not thrown many of them all season.

The Seahawks scoring was all done in the second half. Their first two possessions of the second half led to two field goals. Later they scored in the fourth quarter two touchdowns. They were on Ram turnovers. The first one Rams quarterback Shawn Hill was trying to throw the ball into the dirt, however, Seahawk defensive tackle Hill intercepted the pass which led to a Marshawn Lynch touchdown. The second touchdown was made on defense by linebacker Bruce Irvin. The Rams were making a pass to one of their receivers, and the ball was stripped, and went into Irvin’s arms, and he was able to return for touchdown. The Rams did have an opportunity to score a touchdown late in the game, however, safety Earl Thomas stripped the ball that caused a fumble that made the ball go into the end zone for a touch back. That ended any chance the Rams had in winning the game.

The Seahawks always seem to be the team to outplay the opposition in the fourth quarter. So no matter how close the game seems to be the Seahawks defense always comes to the occasion to win the game. Regardless of how the Seahawks offense is playing the defense always makes sure they stay in the game, and have the chance in winning. I expect the same during the playoffs as well. 

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