Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

I guess you can say out with the old and in with the new. I am sure some people will say good riddance to 2014 and hello to 2015.

I am sure it will take a few days for me to get used to the fact we will be in a new year. The main thing for me to remember is to write down 2015 when I am putting down the date. I think it is sort of like our birthdays. I do not really feel the difference of being a year older on my birthday. Of course, it really depends on the birthday. Some of them are big ones.

Getting back to a new year; I think it really gives us hope for what lies ahead. Some years just are not the same as others. I am sure most people think of 2014 as one of those years we can forget. As I have said before I hope we learn in 2015 from 2014. There are some things in this country and world we need to change. We need to be able to end terrorism so it will not land on our steps. Also, we need to find a way that guns will get out of the hands of young people especially. It is sad to think that suicide is becoming such a problem in this country as well. Some want to take others with them. Of course, we need to stay on course to solve bullying, and domestic violence.

On New Year’s Eve there will be a lot of people out at parties. I will likely stay home again this year. I like a party just like anyone else. I really do not care what the occasion is I just enjoy being with people. Of course, New Year’s Eve is one of those nights where people need to be responsible. It is important not to drink too much. We want to be sure everyone is still around for the whole year of 2015. If you are hosting a party make sure those that come do not drink too much. If they do find a ride home for them, or have them stay the night.

Right now I do not have any but I think it is important to set some goals for 2015. Most likely I will keep going on the goals that I had in 2014. I did not complete all the goals so it is important to continue. No matter how hard it is I believe in meeting the goals. I hope that some things that did not happen in 2014 will happen in 2015.

The thing I liked the most about 2014 was all the people who read my blog for the year. I hope that even more will read this in 2015. If you do really enjoy it pass it on to your family and friends. Speaking of family and friends that is my continue goal is to enjoy and love everyone even greater. We can have a lot of good things going on in our lives but without love it is not the same. If you do anything tonight whether it is going to a party or stay home be sure to hug at least one person. I would say more the merry though.

Everyone have a Happy New Year. 

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