Thursday, January 1, 2015

College Bowl Games

Tis the season for college football bowl games. Today they start the new College football championship series with the top four teams. The Oregon Ducks will face Florida State in the Rose Bowl, and Alabama vs. Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. The winners of the two games will face each other in two weeks for the national championship.

There are other bowl games happening today as well as tomorrow. My beloved University of Washington Huskies plays Oklahoma State in the Cactus Bowl tomorrow night. If you never heard of it neither have I; actually it had another name until this year. I am not sure what it was but it does not matter.
One thing for sure is that there are more bowl games now than I remember in the past. If you’re favorite school is in one of the games it is great otherwise I am sure most people do not care. I guess people do watch them because the games would not be on television, and the advertiser’s like it. Of course, ESPN who have most of the games like it too. Many advertiser’s have their name part of the bowl game as well. For instance, this morning there is the Outback Bowl; has to do with the restaurant. With the name you would think it was being played in Australia.

When I was a kid I would know the games played on New Year’s and who likely would play in them. I would always watch the Rose Bowl in the afternoon and the Orange Bowl in the evening. Depending on what was going on with the family I may watch some of the Cotton Bowl and Sugar Bowl in the morning. Now everything is mixed up. Almost any team can play in those bowl games. The Rose Bowl was always the champion of the Pac-8 at that time, and the champion of the Big Ten. There were several really great games between USC and Michigan or Ohio State. My beloved Huskies made it to the Rose Bowl several times as well.

Now of course those days are gone. If the Huskies play in the Rose Bowl it will likely be in the Championship Series. It was sort of nice to debate on who was the champion. Personally I would want to have eight teams go for the championship. Six of the eight teams would be the champions of the six major conferences along with two wild teams. This would allow maybe a team like Boise State is in the series. The first four games would be played the Saturday before Christmas. They would play two games like now on New Year’s and the final championship two weeks later. If this happens it is a few years away. The most important thing is to enjoy our football. This weekend the NFL starts their playoffs as well.

So have a Happy New Year, enjoy your family, friends, and football. Of course, if you are not into football you can enjoy basketball, or hockey. 

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