Wednesday, January 14, 2015


If you have read my blog here for some time you know how important family is for me. Growing up was not always easy for me. I would say this is true for all of us; however, my family being so close helped me through those times. Unfortunately not everyone can say the same thing.

The thing about family they define you whether positive or negative. Also, you can say the same thing about the area you live in as well. For instance, school can be a positive or negative experience as well. I would say for me there was a mix of both. I would say more on the negative side when I was going through it but now I think some of those experiences made me a much stronger person.  I am not totally free of some things. It is amazing how many years later some things still hold onto you.

One area I had trouble with when I was young and entering school my parents found out that I had a hearing problem. It turned out that I had wax in my ears so it was taken care of; however, I had a problem reading until I got into high school. My parents got me a subscription to Sports Illustrated because they knew I was interested in sports, and they hoped reading Sports Illustrated would get me interested in reading and improve my reading skills. Until I reached high school I was always behind my grade level in reading. My parents wanted to be sure I could improve my reading so I took a speed reading class during the summer between 9th and 10th grade. I was the only one in the class, and it was for three weeks. In that time I raised my reading level which was at elementary school level up to my high school level. As you can imagine it was a success. The last time I was tested for reading I was at the junior year of college. I can say I do enjoy reading to some degree though not at the same as most of my family does. I consider it a success to be able to write this blog as well.

I think it is too bad that not everyone is as blessed as I have been with a good family. My family is not perfect by any means but I am thankful for each one of them. We are all made up of good and bad things. I feel sad that there are those who have to deal with domestic violence in their family. It can have scars for people the rest of their live. If you are someone who has gone through the domestic violence experience I recommend that you find some counseling or someone who can speak into your life. In fact, it would be very good to find someone who has gone through similar experience.

I will continue to write about family in the future. In my opinion there is nothing like having a healthy family. If you are dealing with problems in your family please get help. I am no expert but I hope to be able to help others even if it is only one person.

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