Friday, February 6, 2015

Sing a Song

I thought about writing a poem here but it has been a while since I have done so, and I want the poem to be very good. Also, I do not really have any words right now. It is sort of ironic because I am going to write instead about singing a song. The ironic part is that you can sing without words because you have no words right now.
I have written before how important it is for us to be happy and to sing on a regular basis as well. Also, I mentioned that it is OK if you can’t really carry a tune. Other words make a joyful noise. You say I do not want other people to hear me. What I am saying that you can sing while you are by yourself. Most people are by themselves sometime in the day. So go for it.
If you do not know words just the tune it is OK as well. You can make up words while you’re singing. In fact I would say it is the best way of all. If you know only one verse to a song or the chorus just sing it over and over again. You can add words of your own to the song. It may all have to do with how you fee.
Another thing you can do if you do not have any words start singing. It may sound weird or just sing one word. The word could be how you feel right now. It could be happy, sad, or grumpy. Another idea would be to sing a sentence to a book, poem, or something you read in the paper or on line.
If you do not have a tune a suggestion would be to go up and down the scale. When I was in high school choir we would warm up doing the scale. It may give you a tune that you can call your own. I think there is nothing like having your own song. You can make up your own ideas as well. The important thing is to sing away at your heart content.
I do not sing enough myself. I am not only giving you this advice I am going to take it myself. So fa la la and have a great weekend.  

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