Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Groundhog


Last Monday February 2 was Groundhog’s day. It was also my dad’s birthday he would have been 99 years old. The Groundhog came out with his shadow so there is now six more weeks of winter.

Here in the northwest it has been more like either fall or spring with higher than normal temperatures. On the other hand the Midwest and East Coast continue to have a lot of snow. Another snow storm hit on Groundhogs Day. It was the second one within a week. It was a record snow storm being declared a blizzard. They expect another storm either today or tomorrow. I am sure the people would prefer that winter would end now instead of six more weeks. I guess we will see if it is true or just a wise tail.

Here in Western Washington they expect continue flooding. Also, the temperatures in the mountains have been in the forties so no new snow or skiing. This time of the year many retirees are in Arizona so they can enjoy sun and warmer weather; two years ago I spent a week of February in Arizona. I spent the week to enjoy time at baseball spring training, and with my cousin Christy and her husband David. If you are a baseball fan there is nothing better to do then watch spring training.

Those who primarily enjoy football will have withdrawals for the next six months. The only thing they can do now is think about who the college players will be drafted by their favorite team, and free agents. Those of us who enjoy baseball spring training starts in a couple weeks. Right now the two sports to watch are basketball and hockey. College basketball has about a month left in the season. Most of the games played are within their conferences. At the end of the season will be conference tournaments and then the big show the NCAA tournament which is known as March Madness. I will discuss it later when getting closer to the tournament.

In the meantime here in the northwest we have to live with the rain. I find it hard to be able to go walking. I have an umbrella; however, there is wind as well most of the time. I find it hard to use an umbrella with wind. I have to keep looking to see if there is a time I can go outside to walk for a few minutes or find a place to walk indoors.

Whatever the weather where you are at I hope you are able to get out and enjoy it. As Spock would say “Be prosperous”.

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