Friday, March 27, 2015

Having a Good Time

I truly believe whatever we do we should have a really good time doing it. For example, I really enjoy writing both my blogs whether it is about life or about sports. I find enjoyment out of doing both.

First of all I enjoy whatever subject matter I am writing about along with whom I am writing to. In my heart I want to encourage you and inform you in what I am writing. I enjoy writing to one person or too many. I especially like the fact that you are all from different parts of the world. So much so that I find myself really happy when someone from a new country decides to ready either blog; most recent I having a reader from Armenia, and I am glad that you are now on board. I do not know much about your country; however, I do plan to learn about your country. Also, I was surprised to have a reader from China as well.

Most of my readers are from Unites States; however, I enjoy that people from France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey, South Korea, Turkey, and Canada have read my blog as well. Also, I have had a few from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan. It is so nice to have you all on board.

I believe whatever we do we should really have a good time doing it. I know growing up I did some activities that I did not really enjoy at all though I kept doing them. One example, I was in boy scouts I went to some of the meetings though I did not have a good time. I mainly went so I could go hiking with my brothers, and friends. The hiking was not always a good time either. The hiking part was difficult, and very hard on the feet. Getting wet in the rain, and setting up the tents was not fun most of time. I did enjoy the day after doing all those things with my brother and friends. The fun part was playing around, chasing each other, playing cards, swimming, and singing around the campfire among other things. I could say often I would forget the difficult parts until the next day when I had to go through it once again.

My mother said that I would always complain about going to the YMCA but I would always have a good time while being there. Maybe that is part of being a kid I guess (laughing).

So whatever you do make sure it has some fun in it. Do not feel like you have to do something as an obligation. It is important to commit to a cause, however, do not feel as though you have to return to do something you did before because of obligation. If you have stepped down from something and you have been asked to return to help out you do not necessary have to. I was asked recently a couple times to do something I did enjoy previously but I knew this time I would only do as an obligation and I would not have fun this time. There are other people who can do them to.

Have a good weekend, and be blessed.

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