Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Growing up in Gig Harbor in the day mentoring was not a word that was thrown around like it is today. I am sure that I was mentored without recognizing the fact. I had little league baseball coaches along with basketball who were really great men. They spent time encouraging me along with being an example. Back in our day my brothers and I were out doing our own thing with friends as well. I had a lot of other boys in my neighborhood my same age. Also, I knew older boys that I looked up to as well.

I believe the tough times for us all are during those early teenage years. I remember often there were fights at school and what I may also call want to be fight. I did not think at the time but we wanted to be men. Not only getting on each other’s cases but letting them know what our territory was. It was a time I had to deal with bullying as well. I thought I handled it pretty well though. I sorted acted like I was a little crazy. The important thing is to stand up for yourself when someone tries to bully you. I know it may not be a popular thing to say but I think it is something every young person must do when confronted by bullies. Of course, these days must be a bit more careful than in my time.

Mentoring can be done in many different forms. You can be a friend to someone who needs one. You do not necessarily have to call it mentoring you can call it hanging out. I believe not only young people need mentors so do adults. I believe we not only can be a mentor we can be mentored at the same time. Also, I believe we can learn from younger people as well.

I know a big concern today besides bullying is teenage suicide. I believe it is very important for each of us to look for the signs. It is not necessarily just the unpopular kids it can be those who we may think are popular as well. The whole thing is that we do not really know what is happening is each other’s lives. So often we can put on a face for others to see. It is important to look into the heart of people.

You may not think that you qualify for being a mentor; however, we all have gone through life experiences that we can relate to others in. I use an example, growing up I had a problem reading until I was in high school. I can use the experience of not able to read to help someone who is going through the same thing today. I have other examples I can use as well. I can help those who have the experience of being bullied. Go out be a mentor and go out to be mentored. Today our lives could change. Nothing like a new adventure in our lives.

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