Thursday, March 12, 2015


Hello Everyone I hope that life is going along well. I know that life can get very busy.  We all go through peaks and valleys along with wandering in the desert.
I decided with this blog to go back to the core values. I will be writing all about my life and encouraging you all toward a better life. I decided to start a second blog herb’s look at sports which of course by the name I will write about sports only.  I realized not everyone is interested in reading about sports on this blog so better to go back to writing about life. If you are interested in both than you read both or read either one. I just want to be able to give the best of myself.
Give you an update what has been going on in my life. The last three months I have been taking a lot of care of my mother.  She came down with an injury to her left leg which has taken sometime in healing. I have had to take her to what is called a wound clinic where they update her on her condition. They would wrap her leg on each visit as well. Three times a week a home care nurse came in to wrap her leg as well. Initially I did the work for the first couple weeks. It really seemed to take a while for her to recover, and she would have her ups and downs as well. My mother is so accustomed to getting out several times a week for various groups including playing bridge. During this time she has spent most of it at home besides going to the wound clinic. So you can imagine why she has had the ups and downs. Also, for about a month she had the flu as well.
Now she is back to her old self. The healing is almost completed and she does not have the flu either. This week the nurse no longer is coming, and she does not need her leg wrapped. As long as nothing else happens next week she will have a final trip to the wound clinic. They are going to give her shin guards for both her legs so that she will not have any other injuries to either leg. She now can go back to her groups along with bridge. She is ninety-four years old so do not really know how much more time she has left but she will be able to live comfortably for now. Though her physical body has been hurt her mind continues to be intact.
I continue to be walking on most days depending on the weather which really helps. It allows me to get out some along with visiting local coffee shop and talk with others. Also, I have my church which is very important to me. Next time I will write more on how I am doing. Like most I have those ups and downs.

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